Restless about that event? Then rent from the best!

Romantic comedy (popularly known as “rom com”) movies are a popular choice of entertainment, especially when the holiday seasons roll out.  One of the biggest cliches that they all teach us, is that our friends and family are not perfect people; but we can spend perfect moments with them….not without a little bit of work though.  If you are looking to create a memorable experience for events like birthday parties, festivals, quinceaneras, weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, graduations, and much more– then you can easily book your chauffeur or generator rental with us ahead of time at Limos Directory & Generator-Renting Chariot.

When you’re counting on more than just a small party, getting everything arranged before hand isn’t just a matter of being organized– we promise to always put your safety at the top of our priority list.  Especially if you’ve got something to celebrate in the heat of your local community’s nightlife, trusting our licensed chauffeurs to get you to and from your destination means safe driving for everyone involved.  The scariest part about the road at night, is that it is harder to avoid irresponsible drivers in the reduced visibility.

At Limos Directory & Generator-Renting Chariot, you can be sure that every single staff member has the right transportation licensing credentials and is fully insured.  Our local business has been registered for more than a couple decades now, and we take pride in providing a professional customer experience so that our customers can just kick back and enjoy themselves.  Being a host or organizer can be hard work, and our friendly offices will be happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. – Oakland Macomb County

An event such as a festival or large wedding party is going to require more than just limousine services, and that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to now offer power generator rentals too.  We’ve always kept them around to power the more luxurious amenities found in our deluxe limousines and party bus grosse pointe, but there are so many occasions you could use portable power.

Festivals and food fairs are among the most trendy reasons that we’ve seen people rushing to our doors, but did you know that we also have units ready for emergency situations?  When the power goes out from ice storms, fallen trees on power lines, freezing rain, and more– you’re not always going to get it back right away, especially during the dead of winter.  However, Limos Directory will answer our phones 24/7 so that your home essentials like the refrigerator, washer, and tankless water heater keep running through the storms.

Our prices are affordable on virtually any budget, and Limos Directory & Generator-renting chariot also gives special deals to repeat customers.  We seek to not only be a local business, but community team members.  Not everyone is a rich celebrity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel like one for a while with our superior fleet of limousines, reliable chauffeurs, and affordable portable power generator rentals.  For a free quotation and answers to your inquiries, just ring us up.